Nickel Metal Stickers
Nickel Metal Stickers

Metal logo Sticker for home appliances, mobile, computers, etc

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Stainless Steel Metal Stickers
Stainless Steel Metal Stickers

Stainless Steel Metal Sticker used for
electronic products, packaging gift
boxes, machinery, etc

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Nickel Metal Stickers does not need mold, development time is short, diversified surface effects, strong oxidation resistance, and is convenient and simple to use. Any product with a smooth surface can be used.

Stainless Steel Metal Stickers has high strength, hardness and wear resistance. Particularly suitable for all kinds of nameplates. Stainless Steel Metal Sticker is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Edge contour is obvious, concave-convex with texture and colorful.

3D Metal Stickers can copy the product profile and texture and it can achieve a variety of complex surface effects. With high dimensional accuracy, bright and delicate surface, smooth edge, strong metallic texture and strong oxidation resistance.


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Shenzhen JTT Precision metal Co., Ltd is a comprehensive nameplate manufacturer specializing in research and development and production. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has become a leading electroplating technology enterprise with both technology and innovation after years of development. It is also Shenzhen Leading manufacturer of electroplated nameplate and Chinese manufacturer of etched stainless steel.


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