Advantages and features of electroformed stickers

Advantages and features of electroformed stickers

As electroforming stickers are becoming more and more popular in the world, its excellent characteristics and wide use have cast a strong business opportunity.Therefore,practitioners in the advertising industry should seize the right time to stabilize the market and allow electroformed stickers to bring greater ancillary value to more products.

In daily life, the application of metal sticker is very common. Some are used for advertising, some are used to convey information, and some are used as warnings. There are many types of stickers, including ordinary metal stickers, electroformed stickers and stainless steel stickers.

The following is the use scope and production process of electroformed stickers: Scope of use of electroformed stickers: Electroformed stickers are made of chrome, nickel and gold. The surface is bright, the periphery is smooth, the graphics are accurate, and the weather resistance is particularly good. Therefore, electroforming stickers are high-end stickers. The electroforming sign is a sign with simple process, low price and high grade. Plus it uses strong adhesive to paste, it is very convenient to use, so the use surface is very wide. It is particularly suitable for the nameplates and decorative plates of small and medium-sized light industrial products such as metal surfaces, painted surfaces, plastics, wood, and leather. The combination of electroforming process and refraction, three-dimensional, crystal glue and other processes can play a unique effect.

  1. Surface effect of electroformed stickers

There are two materials: nickel, chromium and nickel. The surface can be made into three effects: bright, matte and brushed.

  1. Color

variety of colors such as gold, silver, gun, black, red and rose red are available.

  1. Thickness

The general thickness is 0.1MM, and it can also be 0.04-0.15MM thick. The size, specifications, packaging, and delivery period are all according to customer requirements. As long as the customer sends the artwork and explains the specifications, our company can arrange proofing and produce.

  1. How to use

Metal material, self-adhesive glue, convenient and fast to paste, strong metal three-dimensional sense, easy to deform, bright color, exquisite and gorgeous, good sign decoration. Applicable to most flat surfaces (such as mobile phones, computers, notepads, MP3, furniture Wait)and easy to clean.

In JTT’s production workshop, there are many serious and hard-working people who persevere in ordinary positions. Whether it is cold or cold, they always wear masks and work hard in their own positions. Responsibility and perseverance are their shining labels.

Signer in electroplating room

Ahao is a technician in the electroplating room of the production department, mainly responsible for training the staff’s technology and operation guidance. In the post of the master, he has trained nearly one hundred excellent apprentices with zero foundation for electroplating technology. He wants the apprentice to do two words: strict. From the length of the electroplating time, the size of the current, every detail can be accurately controlled. The products that come out under such high standards and strict requirements can guarantee the accuracy of the products. Reduce product errors as much as possible. The pungent smell always floats in the electroplating workshop, which is unique to the electroplating room. In winter, the cleaning pool is cold and bitter, and in the summer, the electroplating room is sultry and unbearable. But he has never complained about these Ahao, he is concerned about how to improve product quality, not to cause trouble for follow-up work.

Signer in stamping room

A row of stamping machines are neatly arranged in the stamping room. There is a guy in a blue work clothes in the corner. He is Xiao Wu, a stamping worker. He used his flexible hands to operate the instruments in his hand, fixed the sign position with one hand, and debugged the machine with the other, and he worked very well. In this day-to-day work, his hands have worn thick calluses, which is exactly the proof of his hard work. With the roar of the machine, Xiao Wu put the stamped signs one by one into the blue plastic box, waiting quietly to be transported to the next worker.

Signer of Quality Inspection Department

A Juan, a quality inspector in the Quality Inspection Department, is responsible for controlling the final quality of the product. Each sign needs to check the front, side, and back. In addition, the protective film, color and size of the product need to be tested again. Different products need to be tested every day, and the number of products to be tested per day exceeds 10,000. In order to ensure the quality of the product, A Juan needs to work in high-intensity light for hours. Making signs is a delicate work. From design to production, every link needs to be taken seriously, and the gap between products is within a few centimeters. It is this rigorous attitude that has created JTT high-quality products.

The reason why JTT can achieve a career in the sign industry is inseparable from the hard work of every worker behind them. They continue to reap the achievements and happiness in their work, carefully sculpt each sign, and deliver the best products In the hands of every customer. Customers only need to be responsible for dreaming  we are responsible for bringing dreams to reality.


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