What equipment is required for the production of stainless steel sticker?

What equipment is required for the production of stainless steel sticker

In our lives, the application of stainless steel sticker is becoming more and more extensive, so I think everyone should know what stainless steel sticker are, so do you know what equipment you need to use when making stainless steel sticker? If you are not very clear, Don’t worry, the staff of JTT logo will specifically introduce what equipment is required for the production of stainless steel sticker:

1.Coloring machine: mainly used for electrophoretic paint filling process of metal corrosion sticker. Any sticker that needs to be etched, they have a common feature, that is, the part of the sticker that needs to be raised must have a layer of corrosion protection, and the area without the protection layer is exposed. , It will sag after etching. On the stickerage, all recessed areas must be filled with paint of a certain color to achieve the purpose of decoration and protection. In the past, the process of filling paint on the etched sticker was very cumbersome. Only the filling or spraying was used to remove the paint layer of the excess parts. The low work efficiency directly affected the process cost of the etched sticker.

2.Etching machine: Etching machines can be divided into chemical etching machines and electrolytic etching machines. In chemical etching, a chemical solution is used to achieve the purpose of etching through a chemical reaction. A chemical etching machine is a technique for removing materials by chemical reaction or physical impact.

  1. Cutting machine: divided into flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water cutting, etc. The laser cutting machine has the fastest efficiency, the highest cutting accuracy, and the cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of the plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has a certain slope. The flame cutting machine is aimed at the thicker carbon steel material.

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