Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum plating of metal sticker

  1. To put it simply, vacuum plating is not UV oil, its adhesion is very poor, can not exceed 100 TEST
  2. Vacuum plating can solve the problem of seven colors. Various colors such as flashing silver, magic blue, cracks, waterdrop silver, etc.
  3. Vacuum electroplating uses a wide range of plating materials and easily meets environmental protection requirements.
  4. A wide range of deposition materials: low-potential metals that cannot be deposited by wet electroplating such as aluminum, titanium, zirconium, etc., and the reaction gas and alloy target can be deposited from alloy to ceramic or even diamond coating, and can be based on Need to desticker coating system
  5. Saving metal materials: Due to the excellent adhesion, density, hardness, corrosion resistance, etc. of the vacuum coating, the deposited coating can be much smaller than the conventional wet electroplating coating to achieve the purpose of saving.
  6. No environmental pollution: Since all the coating materials are deposited on the surface of the workpiece by plasma in a vacuum environment, there is no solution pollution, so the harm to the environment is quite small.
  7. The products made by vacuum plating have strong metal feeling and high brightness. Compared with other coating methods, the cost is lower. Although the vacuum plated sticker is more expensive than the general plated sticker, the vacuum plated sticker has good wear resistance and can pass various friction tests. The general plated sticker is inferior in wear resistance. Customers can choose the appropriate plating method according to the use and location of the metal sticker.

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