Advantages of electroforming metal stickers process

What is electroforming metal stickers?

Electroforming is the process of electrodepositing and separating on a mandrel to manufacture (or copy) metal products. Electroforming is the same as electroplating. The difference is that electroplating needs to combine the solid metal coating with the substrate to achieve the purpose of protection and decoration. When the electroformed layer on the cathode conductive mold gradually increases and reaches the required thickness, the electroforming is stopped and the electroformed part is separated from the original mold to obtain the electroformed part opposite to the surface of the original model. The shape and surface roughness of the electroformed parts are similar to the original mold.

The advantages of electroforming process:

  1. Electroformed products have a strong metallic feel, high grade and good wear resistance.
  2. The inner surface of the parts that are difficult to process can be processed to form the outer surface of the core, and the metal that is difficult to form can be processed into a core material that is easy to form (such as wax, resin, etc.), so it can not be made by other methods. (Or difficult) the special shape of the finished part
  3. Can accurately reproduce the surface contour and thin lines, so it can be ultra-precision machining, easy to process complex shapes of parts;
  4. Products with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish can be obtained. Electric castings produced on the same mandrel have good consistency.
  5. By changing the composition and working conditions of the solution and using additives, the performance of the electroformed layer can be changed in a large range to meet different needs;
  6. High-purity metal products (electrolytic metals), multi-layer structural parts, and various metal and non-metal parts can be plated into one;

Type of electroforming:

Electroforming metals usually have three kinds of copper, nickel and iron. Sometimes gold, silver, platinum nickel-cobalt, cobalt-tungsten and other alloys are also used, but nickel electroforming is the most widely used. The thickness of the electroformed layer is usually 0.02~6 mm, but some thickness can reach 25 mm. The dimensional error between the electroformed part and the original mold is only a few microns.

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