Etching stickers electrolytic etching process

The general production process of etched metal stickers includes electrochemical corrosion, etching, etc., to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the etched stickersage process, so that we can choose the appropriate process according to the actual situation when producing stickersage, to avoid adverse factors. Next, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the electrolytic etching process made by etching stickers.

Electrolytic etching is actually the electrolysis of some metal materials, such as electrolytic copper and iron. The specific method is to use the corroded part as the anode and the corrosion-resistant metal material as the auxiliary cathode. Connect the anode and the positive pole and auxiliary cathode of the power supply to the negative pole of the power supply. When current flows through the electrode and the electrolyte solution, an electrochemical reaction occurs on the electrode surface and the electrolyte solution. In order to achieve the purpose of metal corrosion, the metal part to be dissolved and removed can be removed by this reaction.

The advantages of etching plate making process:

  1. The investment is low, the market price of the electrolytic etching machine is not high, and it can even be modified or assembled.
  2. Simple operation, low etching solution cost, easy solution preparation, and strong adaptability to different metals.
  3. The mass production speed is small, and the depth is relatively easy to control. It is often used for etching stainless steel plates.
  4. stickersthat cannot be completed by chemical etching machines are very large and can be considered for use.
  5. Less pollution, more environmental protection

Disadvantages of etching plate making process:

  1. Not suitable for mass production and low production efficiency.
  2. The use requirements of the acid-proof film board are high, and the insulation is good. In order to resist current breakdown, ordinary screen printing inks cannot be used.
  3. Large area etching is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the etching depth.
  4. For very thin lines, etching phenomenon is easy to occur. It is difficult to control the time of the etching brush in the etched part with our commonly used brush engraving method. The time is not too short, and the long time is easy to damage the thin lines. The problem.
  5. Problems such as poor contact, fire breakage, and local burnout of stickersare easy to occur.
  6. The etching speed of some metals is very slow and the efficiency is low. For example, aluminum, etc.

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