Advantages of stainless steel etching

Advantages of stainless steel etching

The etching sticker is very popular in the market now, and many professions will use this skill. In the market, you can also see various forms of metal etching. It can change the shape of the original product and improve the sales of the product. The amount, whether it is workmanship or quality, will not be bad. Let’s understand the main advantages of etching processing together?

  1. Changed the traditional methods of machining metal parts, such as using cars and punching;
  1. Fine processing of various metal, alloy, and stainless steel flat parts, ranging from large-area microporous filters used by traditional professional equipment, to small parts that are difficult to distinguish from the eyes;
  1. There is no external impact, deformation, and flatness during the production process; the production cycle is short, the strain is fast, and the planning and manufacturing of the mold are not required; the product has no burrs, no protrusions, the same light on both sides, and the same flatness;
  1. According to the picture red, process the flat concave-convex metal material products, such as: text, numbers and complex drawings and patterns. Manufacture various fine, free-form through-hole parts.

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