Bank card standing gold LOGO metal stickers parameters and production process

Bank card standing gold LOGO stickers parameters

Name: Metal nickel stickers (also known as electroplated trademark, nickel sheet metal label, electroformed nameplate, self-adhesive metal logo)

Thickness: 0.04mm-0.12mm

Material: Nickel (The nickel material used is imported from Canada, environmentally friendly and pollution-free)

Effect: Silver (can also be bright, matte, silver, gold, gun color, pearl nickel, mesh, brushed)


  1. Water glue (water glue is used for surface bonding, the bonding strength is good, it can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and it has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage, yellowing resistance, colorless and transparent, etc. It belongs to environmental protection chemicals , Surface spraying is recommended to use adhesive)
  2. The hot melt adhesive is not sticky at room temperature. Use a hot melt adhesive machine to melt the hot melt adhesive thermally. You need to heat the hot press to more than 120 ℃ to dissolve the glue to make it sticky. It is often used in leather goods, bank cards and other products. Hot melt adhesive has the advantages of easy packaging, transportation, storage, no solvent, no pollution, non-toxic type; and simple production process, high added value, high bonding strength, fast speed and so on. Good results can be obtained even when bonding on uneven surfaces.

Bank card standing gold LOGO process:

Electroplating (In order to achieve the mirror effect required by customers, nickel electroplating is chrome plated after polishing. Nickel is a highly polishable metal. For the chrome electroplating process, it is an excellent substrate and can achieve a perfect mirror effect than stainless steel. )

Please note: (The metal plated by our company is nickel. Nickel is used for the appearance or appearance to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance. However, it should be noted that if it is a DIN head or N head electronic product, try not to use nickel as a base. , Because nickel is magnetic, it will affect the power supply intermodulation in electrical performance)

Uses: Nickel-plated stickers are widely used, suitable for electronic products, digital products, bank card standing gold LOGO, mobile phone holsters, household appliances, high-end gift boxes, etc. Nickel sheet is relatively thin, it can be integrated with the product, there is no abruptness, and the metal texture is strong. Many high-end products and luxury brands choose to use nickel-plated stickers as decoration.

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