Inspection method of nameplate label(metal stickers)

To put it simply, the nameplate is a kind of information transmission media, which has the functions of advertising and warning; for example, electrical appliances are printed on paper on the outer packaging, and are engraved on the metal plate on the electrical appliance, mainly recording the name of the manufacturer and the product. For rated technical data, etc., the text symbols used on the Chinese nameplate shall all use the legal standards of China. Imported products that require Chinese nameplates to be placed on the market shall be handled accordingly. So how to check the label on the nameplate?

  1.  General project inspection

The general items in the nameplate quality requirements can be inspected visually, dimensionally, and compared with the sample, and each sample is picked.

  1.  Lamination reliability test
  • Tear-off inspection: peel off the plastic film layer on the film sample and tear it off by hand to see if the printing ink layer and paper fiber are attached to the film layer on a large area. If there is, it indicates that the process is normal. One for each test.
  • Water immersion test: After immersing the film sample in normal temperature water for about 1 hour, the film layer and the printed sheet are not separated, indicating that the film layer is firmly attached. Test one every month.
  1.  Performance test of nameplate sticking

(1) Actual use temperature increase inspection

Put the machine in actual use, wait for the temperature of the machine to rise, and check the attached nameplate after 15 minutes (or reach thermal equilibrium). The nameplate should be well pasted without warpage, curling or other defects. Push the nameplate with your fingers normally, the displacement cannot be greater than 1mm. For each sample.

(2) Frozen inspection

Put the surface of the machine with the nameplate in the environment of -5-0 ℃ for 30 minutes, the film layer and the printed sheet are not separated, the nameplate and the surface of the machine are not separated, there is no warpage, the curling phenomenon indicates that the paste is firm. Test one every quarter, generally should be sent back to the company for testing.

(3) Immersion inspection

This test is only for water series products and products whose surfaces are easily exposed to water when working. Immerse the surface of the machine with the nameplate in normal temperature water for 30 minutes, the film layer and the printed sheet will not separate, the nameplate and the surface of the machine will not separate, there is no warping, and the curling phenomenon indicates that the paste is firm. One for each test.

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