Manufacturing process of stainless steel metal stickers

Everyone should know that the stainless steel logo plate is made of stainless steel plate and processed by advanced technology of various logo plates. The characteristic of the stainless steel identification plate is that it will not rust, and the service life is relatively long. The most important thing is the unique solemnity of the stainless steel identification plate, which can give people a high-end feeling. With the continuous increase of machinery, furniture, digital and other industries, in order to better establish their own brands, all enterprises are willing to use stainless steel stickers to enhance their image.

The stainless steel identification plate is a special material. Its manufacturing process is much more difficult than that of copper and aluminum plates. However, it has good resistance to corrosion by the atmosphere and fresh water. It also has a beautiful decorative effect after corrosion, polishing, and wire drawing. Therefore, the fastest corrosion method for stainless steel is electrochemical corrosion, also known as electrolytic corrosion. Since electrochemical corrosion will cause ink to fall off during sticker corrosion, the sticker is not suitable for electrochemical corrosion, especially fine patterns.

  1. Precautions for the production of stainless steel stickerage:

(1) The adhesive should be of good quality, so that it can be firmly pasted on the stainless steel plate, and it is not easy to deglue after baking.

(2)If the paint is removed in some places, the part of the sticker can be engraved and attached to the defective position. After the paint is repaired with a small brush, the sticker can be removed immediately and repaired.

2. The production process of stainless steel identification plate:

(1)Preparation of stainless steel identification plate materials, select specifications and plates according to requirements;

(2)Use the computer to arrange the graphic file of the stainless steel sticker, and then use the engraving machine to engrave the layout of the stainless steel sticker with stickers;

(3)Attach the carved stickers to the plate accurately to make the film flat and firmly attached. It is necessary to heat the plate with the film attached; wear heat-resistant gloves and heat the stainless steel sticker on the honeycomb coal stove Iron (about 90-100 degrees Celsius, estimated), then remove the text and lace to form a hollow version;

(4)Treat the stainless steel identification plate with pickling method or sand beating method, so that the paint can be firmly combined with the plate;

(5)Clean the stainless steel sticker with good corrosion and prepare for painting. Paint can use baking paint (must have an oven) or automotive metal paint;

(6)After the paint is sprayed and dried, remove the excess stickers on the stainless steel label, and the product is complete;

(7)The final defect treatment: If the stainless steel sticker is left on the sticker because of self-adhesive degumming, you can use a rag to remove it with some loose perfume.

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