Unique meaning of metal logo stickers

In the era of rapid development of high-tech metal logos, the role of packaging, printing, desticker and the transmission of metal logos is becoming more and more important. The development of this non-verbal transmission has the competitiveness to compete with language transmission. And stickerage is one of the unique transmission methods.

When people see the rise of smoke, they think of the following fire: Smoke is a natural sticker of fire. In an era of underdeveloped communications, people use smoke (also known as wolf smoke) as a special means of transmitting information related to the meaning of fire (such as fire, emergency, and alarm for help). This artificial “smoke” is a stickeral, It is also a sticker. It rises high, spreads slowly, has a vivid image, and has distinctive features that people can see quickly from far away. The speed and effects of this non-verbal transmission were beyond the reach of the language and writing at the time. Nowadays, although the means of language and text transmission has been very developed, but the intuitive transmission method such as stickers and stickers that makes the public at a glance, the effect is fast, and is not bound by the languages of different nationalities and countries, is more responsive to the needs of the accelerating pace of life Its special role is still irreplaceable by any transmission method.

The metal logo sticker is a mark that shows the characteristics of things: it uses simple, distinctive and easily recognizable objects, graphics or text symbols as intuitive language. In addition to what to mark and replace, it also has the function of expressing meaning, emotion and command actions ;

As a special way for humans to intuitively connect, metal logo stickers are not only ubiquitous in social activities and production activities, but also show their extremely important unique functions for the fundamental interests of the country, social groups and individuals, such as the national flag As a symbol of a country’s image, the national emblem has a special meaning that is difficult to express in any language and script. Public place stickers, traffic stickers, safety stickers, operation stickers, etc., have an intuitive and fast effect for guiding people to carry out orderly normal activities and ensure the safety of life and property; commercial stickers, advertising stickers, corporate images and other special stickers are for economic development , Creating economic benefits, safeguarding the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, etc. have stickerificant practical value and legal protection.

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