Tesla Motors Logo Sticker – Case Show

Tesla Motors Logo Sticker - Case Show

The specification of logo – Tesla Motors Logo Sticker

Typeelectroforming logos (it’s also called thick logos, Mechanics Nameplate sticker, hardware label, plate, metal logo, laser sticker, laser metal label)

Size: 79mm*11mm

Thickness0.12mm (less than 3mm, the relief or raised part is 0.4-0.7mm, and the font height is not more than 0.3mm.)

Material: Nickel

Effect: silver (it required no hemp points and scratches on the surface.It  can be combined with twill, cross grain, fog surface, mirror surface, solid (projection) etc.)

Cotton adhesive, because the thick label have radian and concave, the common water glue and hot melt glue does not work, it can not completely attach on the product and need to use two layers of cotton adhesive; (it’s for thick label application)

Craft Electroforming. The craft of electroforming is very precise. and it can reproduce the details of the picture and text that need to be observed carefully by the naked eye.The surface unevenness of the copy is less than0.1um. The products produced by same original mould has a good consistency.Comparatively speaking, punching only can be processed into the required dimensions.of shape or limited stereoscopic effects.And it is not able to form refined surface texture. If complex surface effect is involved, electroforming is suggested.

Case show
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