What are the characteristics of metal LOGO?

Due to the development of science and technology, the production process of the sticker will continue to improve the quality and process level with the improvement of technology. The process of stripping the electroplated layer on the surface of the electroplated part as a product is called the electroforming process. The sign produced by electroforming process is called electroforming sign.

Features of metal LOGO 

The biggest feature of electroformed signs is that there is no carrier. In the past, various signs used to make the characters and patterns displayed on the carrier on the carrier, and then used different heights, different reflectivity (bright and matte) and different colors to distinguish the main body and carrier of the sign, so as to achieve the prominent main the goal of. Because there is no carrier for electroformed signs, the contents shown on the signs are all the main body, and these main contents are directly pasted on the object to be dissolved, and the object is integrated into the body without any extra feeling. The effect displayed on the signage is outstanding and complete. This is unmatched by various signs in the past.

The second feature of electroformed signage is its simple process. Since it is produced by electroforming, no mold is required, and the entire production process requires only one film. Save money and time. After receiving the order, the production unit can usually produce samples on the same day and produce products the next day. The entire production process requires only a basic equipment such as a screen printing platform, oven, exposure machine, electroplating bath and so on.

The third characteristic of electroformed signage is the slight pollution to the environment. Compared with other methods of producing metal signs, electroformed signs have the least environmental pollution. Because: first, it does not need corrosion, so there is no pollution of etching; second, the area of electroforming required is about 1/7 of the area of conventional signs, so the pollution of electroforming signs is only 1/7 of that of conventional electroplating signs Moreover, the wastewater is simply sulfate wastewater, which is convenient for treatment. Material saving is also a feature of electroforming signs. Because there is no carrier, according to the test: the same size of metal signs, the material consumed by the electroforming method is only 1/7 of the uneven (etching) method.

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