What is the principle of electroforming metal stickers technology?

Electroformed metal stickers is a high-grade and high-end stickers with a strong metal texture. It is one of the common metal stickers varieties in daily life, such as: car logos, high-end luggage leather goods, furniture, golf clubs, etc. Many high-grade packages with texture almost choose to be electroformed metal stickers, so what is the production of electroformed metal stickers? What are the commonly used processes in electroforming metal stickers production, and the principles of electroforming processes?

What is the principle of electroforming process?

Electroforming is a technological method of electrodepositing a certain thickness of metal on a core mold or sample by using the principle of electrolysis, and then separating the two to manufacture a mold cavity. The precision and finish of the cavity of the electroforming mold are completely consistent with the core mold. Electroforming is also known as the “cloning” technology of non-living substances.

Compared with the traditional process, the metal stickers of the electroforming process has the following obvious characteristics: the complex and diverse surface treatment effect. On the same surface, it can be processed into composite effects such as twill, horizontal grain, matte, mirror, and three-dimensional (protrusion); compared with it, stamping can only be processed into the required external dimensions or limited three-dimensional effect, but the surface texture can not be generally achieved; if the product design involves more complex surface effects, the electroforming process is generally used.

What are the features of electroforming metal stickers?

  1. Can accurately and precisely copy the profile and fine lines;
  2. It can obtain a replica with high dimensional accuracy and a surface roughness of less than 0.001mm. The electroformed products produced by the same original mold have good consistency;
  3. Electroforming is formed by the deposition method. No matter how complicated the shape is, it can be copied very well by using electroforming. It can also complete the cavity that is difficult to form or even cannot be formed by mechanical processing.
  4. Good wear resistance.
  5. Stable chemical properties.

Both the substrate and the surface coating of electroformed metal stickers have extremely stable chemical properties, even in extremely humid environments, there is no need to worry about rust.

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