Notes on real gold plating and imitation gold plating of metal stickers

True gold plating, as the name implies, that is, the surface layer is plated with real gold. Real gold plating has bright color, strong metal feeling, not easy to be oxidized, color retention time is long, looks like noble like real gold. Among them, electroplating can be divided into 18K gold, 20K gold, and 24K real gold plating, of which 18K and 24K are used more. The surface treatment can be made into bright gold and (high-gloss) and dumb gold (pearl gold) effects. The disadvantage of real gold plating is that the cost is much higher than imitation gold plating. If you are concerned about the cost, you can choose imitation gold plating.

Imitation gold plating, which uses a color that is not real gold but is similar to real gold. The commonly used imitation gold plating layer is currently based on brass plating solution. The color of imitation gold is mostly 18K. This is a copper-zinc binary alloy. Most consumers prefer this color, the most common in imitation gold plating. Some add a third metal element to change the color tone. The imitation gold coating is mostly an alloy coating, that is, copper-zinc alloy, and the third metal element added is mostly tin. Imitation gold plating surface treatment can also be made into bright gold and (high gloss) and dumb gold (pearl gold) effects. The color of imitation gold is similar to real gold, and the attractive appearance of gold often makes people feel magnificent. At present, this imitation gold plating process is used in many fields. It not only improves the ornamental value of the product, but also greatly improves the product. The value of the commodity.

So, what is the difference between real gold plating and imitation gold plating?

In terms of texture, the texture of real gold electroplating is stronger, especially the metal texture. Although imitation gold electroplating can be done very close in color, you will feel more or less plastic, and the metal texture is relatively poor. some. From the perspective of durability, real gold plating is not easy to be oxidized, and it is stored for a long time. Real gold plating process is often used in the production of high-end badges or nameplates. Imitation gold plating is more susceptible to oxidation than real gold plating. The retention time is also relatively short. In addition, the cost of real gold plating is much higher than that of imitation gold plating. Therefore, if you are more concerned about the price and want to basically achieve the effect of real gold plating, imitation gold plating will be the best choice.

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