Optimized Creation, to Provide Better LOGO Making Service to Customers

Went to Beijing to Meet the Bankcards’ logo Purchaser

JJT NEWS In March, after received the label samples, our client G&D who have 10 years partnership with our company gave their feedback to us. Three of us decided to visit their purchase director and GM for Asia affairs, to have a deeply discussion about the products cost and the glue using. Our meeting solved the problems perfectly, and gained highly praise from customers.

To See Forehead and Prepare Everything before Leaving
Before leaving Shenzhen for Beijing, we prepared many documents, including technological process videos, technological process plate, cost saving report, company introduction, sample brochures and etc.. Also the most important thing is to provide a solution to solve the problems that customers focus on.

Advanced Techniques and Solutions to Win Customers Praise
During our meeting, in order to help customers have a better understanding of products, first we demonstrated the video and showed them the plate. Then we moved to next point which customer were more concerned about—saving cost. Regarding this point, we proposed to begin with the material and the labour cost. We may reduce the labour cost by optimized the machines, and control the defect rates to cut down the cost. The specific solutions are as below:
1. to unify the cleaning machine and the dryer. As the 2 machines are separated, we can combine them as one and also the machine can automatically clean the plate and dry it. Also the number of operators can be reduced from 4 persons per machine to 2 persons per machine. It’s a way to reduce labour cost.
2. to use precision photosensitive machine to strictly control the defect rates during the process.
3. using the auto puncher. Normally we use a manual puncher which can punch 180pcs/H. However, the automatic one is twice as fast as the manual one and it will be more accurate.
4. the using of high magnification magnifier can improve the accuracy from 360pcs/H to 720pcs/H when checking the products’ surface.
5. an auto Hot Roll Laminator can achieve 720pcs/H without bubble comparing to the manual one,

Controlling the Defect Rates
1.Accumulating error: to reduce the defect rates, we will set up a process to check the materials and the products from the first step till to the last step.
2.Setting up Group Responsibility system: for improving enthusiasm and efficiency of the QC group and the producing group, we will hold an evaluative activity to reward the winner.
3.To control the quality of raw materials, introducing the ERP system.

After hearing our introducing, customers were very satisfied with the plan. Meanwhile, customers also raised a question: “ Why JBD(our competitor) can quote us with such a lower price than yours?” Regarding the lower prices from our competitors, we also to do some research before. We explained as: “ well, we come to know that JBD reduce their costs by packed the labels by a whole piece instead of a separate one. In this point, they can save extra labour cost and they don’t need to change the films. However, we would prefer to pack the logos by separate ones and change new films with less stickiness for the logos. It’s more convenient for customers to use and easily to tear-out the film from the logo and protect the logo.
The last question from customers was about the glue. They said the glue cannot be wiped out when they want to test the thick of nickle even though they have soak the logo into ethanol. Their company stipulate that they can only use the ethanol to wipe out the glue. That’s an urgent request from customers and we need to solve it and reproduce a new sample for them.
After came back from Beijing, we produced some new samples to customers at once. And customers also very satisfied with our company and will pay a visit to our company soon.

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