Metal logo nickel sticker production process

Let me introduce the metal logo nickel sticker production process

  1. According to the engineering drawings provided by the customer, we will first proofread and send samples to the customer for confirmation, and then the customer will place an order to make goods
  2. After the order is placed, we will probably need a morning or afternoon to typeset on the computer according to the determined drawings. In the process of typesetting, in order to ensure that the products will not fall off when they are taken out, an accurate space of 3mm will be left between each edge of the film paper and each logo, so as to improve the rate of good products as much as possible
  3. The steel plate is the carrier for making nickel standard, which can only be used after cleaning and drying. At first, we cleaned the steel plate manually, and now it has been changed to machine full-automatic cleaning; the steel plate can be recycled, and one steel plate can be repeatedly electroplated 2000 times or more
  4. After the steel plate is cleaned and dried, it can be put into the machine to brush the insulation ink. According to the different requirements of the customers, different density of the screen plate can be selected. The density of the screen plate can be precisely controlled and adjusted, and it can be operated by a technical master with 15 years of professional experience
  5. The steel plate which has been painted with insulating ink is delivered to the photosensitive developer by the automatic output port of the transmission belt. The insulating ink on the surface of the steel plate falls off through the accurate timing of photosensitive development time and manual control; after cleaning, the position of the logo on the steel plate can be clearly displayed
  6. After photosensitive development, the steel plate will shed part of the insulating ink of the logo and expose the body of the steel plate. When the steel plate is put into the electroplating tank, the nickel material will be dissolved at high temperature and adsorbed on the part of the steel plate without insulating ink on the principle of positive and negative absorption, thus forming the shape of the metal nickel logo. The thickness of our nickel products ranges from 0.04mm to 0.15mm, while the electroplating time is controlled The important factor of Nickel thickness is about 4 hours
  7. Chrome plating can make the logo surface brighter, and can play the role of oxidation resistance and corrosion prevention. When transferring the formed full plate nickel standard to the chrome plating tank, the plating time of the chrome plating tank must be strictly controlled within 7 seconds
  8. When taking out the nickel standard, in order to play a fixed role, a protective film with strong viscosity shall be applied first, and the adhesive shall be brushed once manually for priming, and then by the machine. During this process, the glue shall be strictly controlled and ensured to be flat to prevent glue leakage. If the customer needs a protective film with strong viscosity, weak viscosity, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, we will change the film according to the requirements of the customer
  9. In the process of QC inspection, employees will strictly mark the defective products with displacement, missing letters, etc., and according to the customer’s requirements, the good products will be cut and packed in bags or shipped in strips
  10. The delivery time of our nickel standard is usually about 3 days. In order to ensure the smooth delivery, we will discuss the daily delivery quantity with the customer in advance after confirming the drawings, and arrange the production process according to the production schedule.

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