What glues are commonly used by metal logo stickers manufacturers?

Everyone knows that metal logo stickers are made of stainless steel, nickel and other metals as the basic materials, and are made by process technology. These processes generally include: etching, electroforming, electroplating, oil injection, etc. Today’s article mainly introduces you: What glues are commonly used by metal logo manufacturers?

  1. Hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with temperature in a certain temperature range, and its chemical properties remain unchanged. Its five poisonous and tasteless, environmentally friendly chemical products. Hot melt adhesives for metal logo stickers are generally used in leather goods such as mobile phone holsters, wallets, bags, etc., and are operated by hot pressing machines.

  1. Water glue

Water glue is mainly used for surface bonding. It has good bonding strength, can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage, yellowing resistance, colorless and transparent. It is an environmentally friendly chemical. In metal logo stickers, water glue is used more, because water glue can be directly attached to the product, and does not need to be pasted to the product by a hot press like hot melt adhesive. Moreover, the water glue has a relatively high viscosity and is firmly attached to the product.

  1. Adhesive

The adhesive is characterized by good thermal shock resistance, high bonding strength, good retention, and strong UV protection. In the metal logo stickers industry, it is necessary to decide what kind of glue is used for the stickers according to the material of the customer’s product. There is no specific kind of glue that is the best, and only which is most suitable.

The glue used for metal logo stickers will affect the service life of the stickers. If the glue is not selected properly, the performance of the stickers will be reduced. Therefore, before you make a metal logo for your product, you need to first understand these basic knowledge.

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