Several reasons for pits in electroplated metal stickers products

For electroplated metal stickers products, there will be pits during the operation. Here are a few reasons for the pits, I hope to help everyone

  1. The steel plate itself has pits. The steel plate is used as the base of the electroplating stickersproducts, and it is repetitive and practical. Every time it needs to be drawn, the concave points hidden inside the steel plate will leak out, causing the product to cause bad pits. Self-inspection, if you find this kind of situation, scrap the steel plate and use good steel plate to make good products.
  2. The steel plate is used twice, and the residue is not brushed clean the previous time. In the course of the operation, the operation staff does not operate properly, and if there is no drawing, the pits will appear.
  3. Exposure process film is punched through film. Film is made with ink. If it is used more times, the ink will fall off and cause pits. This requires the exposure operator to regularly check the film. If there are pits, use a film pen to make up.
  4. There is air in the filter, and the plating bath is cloudy. If the filter is operated for a long time, it will absorb a part of the air. If it is not found for a long time and the air is not evacuated, it will make the electroplating bath liquid cloudy and cause product pits.
  5. The content of the wetting agent in the plating bath is small. The wetting agent is also called anti-pinhole agent. It is one of the auxiliary additives commonly used in bright nickel plating: because the current efficiency during the plating process cannot be 100%, there will always be a part of hydrogen Will restore precipitation. If the hydrogen is deposited at a slower speed, pores will be formed at the precipitation point and reach the substrate directly, forming pinholes in the plating layer. To improve this situation, wetting additives must be added to the plating solution to allow the gas to escape quickly, thereby reducing or eliminating pinholes.

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